Influent visual analytics for big data transaction flow

Influent™ is designed and developed by Uncharted™ to meet the challenges of big data financial forensics and communications analysis. We have worked in collaboration with analysts to provide a breakthrough investigative workflow that brings clarity to interactive large-scale analysis of graphs. Influent uses flow-oriented graph navigation, allowing analysts to “follow the money” in significantly less time and explore relevant sub-networks or entities.

Influent’s web-based interface enables analysts to visually and interactively follow transaction flow, revealing actors and behaviors of potential concern that might otherwise go unnoticed. Summary visualization of transactional patterns and actor characteristics, interactive link expansion and dynamic entity clustering enable Influent to operate effectively at scale with big data sources. Influent has been used to explore datasets with millions of entities and hundreds of millions of transactions.

Influent is an open source software product managed by Uncharted Software Inc. The Apache License, Version 2.0 is used.

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