This User Guide is designed to help analysts understand how to use Influent to investigate and assess the flow of transactions in large-scale financial forensics and communications analysis data.

For information about building, installing and running the Influent source code, see the Development page.


The look and feel of each Influent deployment is highly dependent on the source transaction data to which it is configured. While the topics in this help system refer to the interface for a generic financial application used to examine synthetic banking transactions, many different configurations are available for the display of account and transaction details, summary icons and clustering properties.

To follow along with the examples or explore the capabilities of Influent, you can access any the following demos:

  • For a live demo, see the Demos page.
  • For a downloadable demo, see the Download page.

    NOTE: This demo requires Java version 1.7 and assumes you know how to run start scripts for your operating system.

  • To build the demo directly from the source code, see the Influent repository on GitHub. Intended for web developers only.

    NOTE: Additional example applications utilizing Bitcoin, Kiva and email transactions are also available in this repository. As with the generic financial application, these demonstrations are intended for web developers only.

Getting Started

To walk through the Influent workflow using an analytic scenario example, see the Getting Started topic.