Getting Started

This topic presents an example Influent workflow to help new users quickly understand the application. This example is based on synthesized banking transaction data.

For a video demonstration of this example, see our Influent AML and Banking product site,

Analytic Scenario

Transaction monitoring has uncovered a substantial increase in activity in accounts belonging to Jason Walker. We can use Influent to:

  • Investigate the source and destination of Jason Walker's funds
  • Identify additional accounts of concern
  • Discover the nature of the suspicious activity

Logging In

Influent is accessible from any modern Web browser (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer).

To start a new session
  1. Open your browser and navigate to the location of your Influent Web server. For the live demo:
  2. Review the Summary tab, which describes the nature and scope of your dataset.

Summary Tab

Next Steps

To begin the investigation, access the Accounts tab, which lets us search for entities based on known identifying attributes.