Finding Accounts of Interest

To begin the investigation, access the Accounts tab, which lets us search for entities based on known identifying attributes.

Searching for Accounts

To search for an account
  1. Click the Search Accounts button on the Summary tab.
  2. Enter jason in the Accounts tab search bar and press ENTER.

Account Search

Reviewing Accounts Search Results

Influent displays summaries of seven accounts that match all our search criteria.

Results for Jason Search

To review an individual result
  • Click the more button More button under each of the results named Jason Walker result to reveal account attributes that answer the following questions:
    • When were the accounts active?
      1. Scroll to the Earliest Transaction and Latest Transaction attributes.
      2. Review the Transaction Activity chart, which illustrates the history of aggregate funds coming into (above the x-axis) and going out (below) of the account.
    • With whom did the account participate in transactions?
      1. Scroll to the Inbound Transfers and Outbound Transfers attributes to see how many other accounts connect with Jason Walker.
    • How much money was involved?
      1. Review the Average Transaction attribute.
      2. Hover your mouse over the bars in the Transaction Activity chart to see the aggregate inflowing and outflowing values in each month.

Detailed Individual Search Results

While we now know generally when and how much money was sent to/from Jason Walker's accounts, the Accounts tab does not identify the other transaction participants.

To expand Jason Walker's network, we need to view the account's activity on the Flow tab.

Next Steps

Now that we have several accounts to explore, we can view them on the Flow tab to visualize and interactively expand their transaction histories.