Recognizing Anomalous Patterns

Understanding expected transaction patterns in your source data is key to using Influent. Exceptions to these features may indicate suspicious behavior.

Transaction Flow Lines

Unexpected disparities in the transaction flow lines between accounts may indicate suspicious behavior.

NOTE: Make sure the Transaction Flow Period covers the entire time over which transactions were made between the accounts in question. Otherwise, fund transfer delays may suggest false positives.

To investigate transaction flow lines
  1. Compare the flow lines between Jason Walker's checking account and its two destinations.
  2. Notice that the line going to his personal savings and cash accounts is a fraction of that going into the cluster of commercial accounts.

    It is surprising that with such a large increase in income that his savings remain consistent. This may indicate suspicious or fraudulent behavior.

Iterative Expansion

Now that we have identified one of Jason Walker's destinations for further investigation, we can iteratively expand it to detect any suspicious behavior it exhibits.

To investigate the cluster of commercial accounts
  1. Expand the cluster to view its child accounts.
  2. Note that the transaction flow lines indicate that the majority of funds are going to NAGCG Consulting.NAGCG Consulting
  3. Review the NAGCG's activity chart. All of its incoming funds (above the x-axis) are orange, indicating that they came from Jason Walker, the highlighted account.

    This may indicate a shell organization.

  4. Hover your mouse over NAGCG Consulting and click the right Branch button to see where it sent funds.
  5. Notice that there is only one destination: a personal checking account for Helen Carter.Helen Carter NAGCG Consulting appears to have no real expenses.
  6. To understand how much money Helen Carter received from NAGCG Consulting, hover your mouse over NAGCG Consulting and click the right Highlight Flow Remove button button. This shows all transactions with NAGCG Consulting in color.
  7. Helen Carter's account activity chart seems to indicate normal levels of account activity until NAGCG transferred her four large sums of money.NAGCG Consulting Highlighted

Detailed Transaction Records

Now we want to investigate the individual transactions received by Helen Carter to review the large fund transfers from NAGCG.

To investigate *Helen Carter's* transactions
  1. Click the Helen Carter card to open the Details Pane.
  2. Click the View transactions for selected entity button above the transaction table or chart.View Transactions for Selected Entity
  3. The Transaction tab lists Helen Carter's transactions in detail.Helen Carter Transactions
  4. Click the Amount (USD) column to sort Helen Carter's transactions in descending order of value.
  5. Note that Helen Carter's largest transactions are cash withdrawals in excess of $100K.
  6. To save Helen Carter's transactions to a CSV file, select Export Transactions from the File menu.

Next Steps

Influent enables us to export Flow workspace data in a number of different ways.